Inmate 1989 I was fresh out of high school and had a year under my belt working in a local foundry manufacturing company and there was a painting contractor doing some work there and I had asked if they were hiring. and before you know it they gave me a interview and I was hired. I was always a hard worker striving to do better learning all i could about the painting & decorating trade I also learned they had a four year apprenticeship program that I enrolled in, After two years I joined another painting company that was in the International Painters & allied trades union I spent six and a half years finishing my apprenticeship and gaining experience.

I had the ambition to go on my own and use my ideas of running a painting business originally called Hi-Tech Coatings & Coverings with a partner/friend that lasted a number of years until we parted ways and I bought out his part in the business and changing the name to Hi-Tech Painting & Decorating,LLC and hiring a few employees and continuing on, At Hi-Tech Painting & Decorating we have continually worked on improving our business from coaching to new tech systems that has stream lined our painting business which in turn provides a better painting experience for our customers as well as a positive work environment for our employees. In recent we have been friends with Doug Grube of Grube Decorating where i started 30 years ago and we discussed Doug wanting to retire from the painting business we came upon an agreement for Hi-Tech Painting & Decorating to purchase the Grube Decorating business and shop that we now call home to Hi-tech Painting & Decorating.